Friday, December 9, 2011

One giant step from Texas to the Islands....The ALOHA! adventure

I will attempt to post one or more shots a day as we travel through Oahu.

Day 1
From the Pali Outlook, several segments shot and stitched together.
 Today the wind was high enough to cause problems
 shooting while  handholding the camera.  Other challenges was
 the vapor and sun reflections on the water.

Day 2             
Laniakea Beach was the goal today. Laniakea Beach
 is where you can see the Green Sea Turtle getting it's coppertone ON.


 Day 2

Laniakea Beach with breakers and if you look close,
there is a surfer paddling out for that magic wave.

Day 2
This honu, (Brutus) while surrounded by people didn't seem to mind.

The unknown Honu. Note the flipper damage.
Day 3  
 Red-Crested Cardinal
drinking from a leaf that held water from the many showers.

This will be the third visit to the islands at this time in the year.
 All that rain we been missing back in Texas is here.
Day 3
Different view of the old  Pali highway that tuns into Maunawili trail.

Day 3
Hawaiian cactus flower

Day 4
This is different perspective of Diamond Head's light house.
Some of you may remember the shot I did from the top
 of Diamond Head of the light house.

Here is the Ala Moana area shot from the Ala Moana point park, well after sundown

Well, I guess they needed those powerlines

More flowers for you...

Day 5
A re-visit to Laniakea Beach

This Shaka is for you
Brutus again

Another unknown

Brutus' good side

Kaena Point, Oahu
This is one of those places one needs
 to spend a couple days soaking in the scenery.
The straight away and flat surface walking was not bad, it was the
 up and down the ravines that made the old sneak out in me.
I'd do it again in a heart beat.
We weren't fortunate enough to see any whales, shearwater birds,
 or dolphins. The Albatross (on Midway we called them gooney birds)
 and Seals were right where they were supposed to be.

I expected to see more of these birds, but
 it was still good to see some old friends.

A Seal getting its Vitamin D

Albatross IN Flite

North Shore

The path  here was suspect to say the least.
If you look at Google earth, the path is washed
 out just as you go South around the point. Even though the
 Google Earth images  are  three years old, the path is still washed out.
 If you are careful,  you can walk up and down a foot
 path that is just wide enough for an old goat.

Once I made it to this point I realized the wild life was on the other side.
So,  I put up the camera and put on the "get back to the pickup point" face.
This doesn't mean there was nothing to take pictures of.
 The beachs on the South side of Kaena point were beautiful.

Thee next adventure takes you to the
Makapu`u point Lighthouse trail or the Ka'iwi scenic shoreline
Trail Length: 2.0 mi. (round trip)
Activity: Pedestrian
Difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Hot, dry slopes
Elevation Gain: 500 ft
Park Name: Ka Iwi State Scenic Shoreline
Yeh, They have cactus here.

This is the Makapu`u point Lighthouse.
 It is bigger in person or if you are standing beside it.

Manana (aka Rabbit Island) and Kaohikaipu or turtle island

The last time I was here we climbed down to the lighthouse.
Those rocks have gotten rougher. Maybe it was the wind today.
I couldn't sell myself on climbing over the side again.

Some of the cactus on Oahu


You notice any resemblance to a palm tree?

Yes the water color is real

Here we are and I'm two days behind on the posts...
 Maybe I'll catch up on the plane
We are back at Laniakea Beach, for a quick post.

Meet HiwaHiwa

There are of you,  a few select,  that think I operate only on static memory.

After the past two weeks of enjoying the beauty of the islands,
why would I jump up and go climb,  walk,
crawl and struggle up the side of a scrufty old hill.
 Someone told me there was a beautiful view from above.
So, I loaded up my pack, camera, lens, tripod,
and oh yes the water. (18lbs of ballast.)
I'll show that picture later.

I'd seen some distant shots of Kokohead.
It didn't look too bad from the plane or google earth.
 I didn't research online or read any of those twitter thingys.
 Everyones is a little different, right. Afterwards,
 I read that the climb was no big deal. hmmmm.
Perceptions of of the young in body are so different
 than that of some one  that is young in mind.

 Especially after the climb is completed.
Two days later there are reminders that I really need to go back to running every day

This was first shot up close of  the trail.
No big deal, and besides, there is a great view from the top.

By the time I made it here, my body was not happy with me.
Note the next picture. Up until now I had some terra firma to step on.
Now I had to pace my steps to the uneven distances
 of the crossties on an upward angle with 18lbs on my back.
 The  twenty or thirty foot distance to the ground, was secondary.hmmmmm
Besides, There is a great view on the otherside, okay? I'm pressing on ward

Don't look down if the height bothers you.
 I was overjoyed that my feet found the crossties every time.
One of the shots from close to the top. Maybe after a thousand steps

Long lens (200mm) shot of the gully.

The trip down was a little tougher that I expected. Gravity is not you friend, Neither were the crossties, or  the rail iron .

Diamond Head in the haze. The view was exceptional and worth the walk, climg and crawl. I met some really nice people on this adventure.  

I'll post some other shots later of that great view. Hopefully the 360 degree video will be ready to download.